Saturday, May 17, 2014

Social Media Laughs

Social Media Laughs

1. Taco Bell Twitter

If you haven't seen Taco Bell's witty Twitter comebacks then where have you been? Taco Bell has earned quite the reputation of tweeting back to people with these comments that often make people look stupid. And it's hilarious! #BestTwitterAccountEver ! Right? No? I shouldn't use hashtags in a blog? Whoops.

2. The Facebook Poster

I think we all have that one Facebook friend that posts hilarious sh*t. They're all that makes me log on Facebook these days, after its "death." The only person I know that gets on Facebook because they actually enjoy it is my dad. Oh, and that kid that eats his boogers...

3. The Facebook Commentor

You know that guy who always posts dumb sh*t on Facebook? Jeez that guy is annoying. Then you hit the comments button and see that someone posted hilarious crap as a witty comeback. That's probably why I spend 1-5% of my year on failbook... Yep.. that's me that keeps that site running.

Friday, May 16, 2014

5 Horrible Tattoos

Horrible Tattoos

1. The "I-Got-Drunk"
I'm pretty sure we ALL know the "I-Got-Drunk" tattoo because it is a method that gets us some of the stupidest tattoos. Besides the fact that this guy looks like Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite, he looks pretty-well kinda-ashamed of his tattoo. 

2. The "Caring Mom"
This harmless tattoo that a mom walked into a tattoo shop thinking, "I'm going to get a nice portrait of my kid on my arm," has suddenly turned into a tattoo of a burned child who goes into your dreams and kills you. Creepy shit. But it's the though that counts, right?

3. The "I-Think-I'm-A-Badass"
We all have that one friend that thinks they are so cool and so much better than you. They always manage to piss you off without realizing that they have. In their mind they get a bunch of chicks but in reality they spend like Friday nights going to dinner with their right hand. They also get the "I-Think-I'm-A-Badass" tattoo. 

4. The "What the F*ck" 
There's not much I can say about this type of tattoo besides what the f*ck. If you wanted to pay tribute to Joe Dirt or any other freaky thing, get poster to put on your wall. Not a permanent poster to put on your body!

5. The "I'm Religious"
This tattoo tries to say that the owner loves Jesus and is super sweet, but all it really says is that you're a try-hard and that you probably have broke laws. Congrats. Poser.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Baby Celebrities

Baby Celebrities

Jennifer Aniston
                                     (source)                                                                           (source)
We all know Jennifer Aniston; Star in the hit T.V. show from the 90's and 2000's, Friends. Have you ever seen Aniston's baby photo though? Dressed quite fashionably as a baby just like now, Jen strikes a pose as a child.

Brad Pitt

(source)                                                      (source)
I have to say, I see the similarities in the nose. Brad Pitt only looks better with age unless you look at a baby picture! Look at those chubby cheeks! Plus, the hair looked a little nicer as a baby. Cut your hair, Brad.

Angelina Jolie

                                         (source)                                                     (source)                                       
How could I put Brad Pitt on here without Angelina Jolie? Although she is beautiful now, she was a cutie as a baby! It looks a little like her nose changed though... It's probably nothing.

Steve Carell

                                        (source)                                                       (source)
Steve Carell hasn't aged much since he was a baby, has he? His bald baby head is so cute, but I couldn't imagine baby Steve being Michael Scott. He's obviously had a nose job since being a child.


(source)                                                     (source)
Singer Beyonce posted this baby picture of herself as a "Throwback Thursday" and all I have to say is what happened to the hair!? If I could grow a mane like that I would have it on my head in no time! Come on, Beyonce, Jay-Z would love it!

Thank you guys so much for reading this article! It means a lot! I know this one is short, but it's my first article so I just wanted to test the water out before I dove in. I will try to post as often as I can, but keep your eyes open for a Celebrity Fights blog post coming up!