Friday, May 16, 2014

5 Horrible Tattoos

Horrible Tattoos

1. The "I-Got-Drunk"
I'm pretty sure we ALL know the "I-Got-Drunk" tattoo because it is a method that gets us some of the stupidest tattoos. Besides the fact that this guy looks like Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite, he looks pretty-well kinda-ashamed of his tattoo. 

2. The "Caring Mom"
This harmless tattoo that a mom walked into a tattoo shop thinking, "I'm going to get a nice portrait of my kid on my arm," has suddenly turned into a tattoo of a burned child who goes into your dreams and kills you. Creepy shit. But it's the though that counts, right?

3. The "I-Think-I'm-A-Badass"
We all have that one friend that thinks they are so cool and so much better than you. They always manage to piss you off without realizing that they have. In their mind they get a bunch of chicks but in reality they spend like Friday nights going to dinner with their right hand. They also get the "I-Think-I'm-A-Badass" tattoo. 

4. The "What the F*ck" 
There's not much I can say about this type of tattoo besides what the f*ck. If you wanted to pay tribute to Joe Dirt or any other freaky thing, get poster to put on your wall. Not a permanent poster to put on your body!

5. The "I'm Religious"
This tattoo tries to say that the owner loves Jesus and is super sweet, but all it really says is that you're a try-hard and that you probably have broke laws. Congrats. Poser.

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