Saturday, May 17, 2014

Social Media Laughs

Social Media Laughs

1. Taco Bell Twitter

If you haven't seen Taco Bell's witty Twitter comebacks then where have you been? Taco Bell has earned quite the reputation of tweeting back to people with these comments that often make people look stupid. And it's hilarious! #BestTwitterAccountEver ! Right? No? I shouldn't use hashtags in a blog? Whoops.

2. The Facebook Poster

I think we all have that one Facebook friend that posts hilarious sh*t. They're all that makes me log on Facebook these days, after its "death." The only person I know that gets on Facebook because they actually enjoy it is my dad. Oh, and that kid that eats his boogers...

3. The Facebook Commentor

You know that guy who always posts dumb sh*t on Facebook? Jeez that guy is annoying. Then you hit the comments button and see that someone posted hilarious crap as a witty comeback. That's probably why I spend 1-5% of my year on failbook... Yep.. that's me that keeps that site running.

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